• 12 December 2017

Winter Car Accidents

by Macks Solicitors

winter car accidents

The onset of winter brings with it increasingly harsh weather conditions that can prove perilous to drivers. Not only affected by heavy rain and strong winds, snow, ice and hail all create hazardous driving conditions during the winter months. The number of reported winter car accidents usually rises at this time of year, particularly if the roads have been affected by snow and ice, as they have been in the UK recently.

Driving Conditions

Snow covered and icy roads will always cause problems for drivers; however the majority of winter accidents occur not because of the roads themselves, but because of the carelessness of other drivers. Newly qualified drivers in particular do not necessarily realise how dramatically different winter driving can be, often resulting in crashes and collisions with other vehicles. If a car crashes into you because of icy road conditions or winter weather then you may be entitled to compensation.


The most common cause of winter car accidents is when drivers do not reduce their speed in the winter weather. In icy conditions this can easily cause a driver to skid and crash into another vehicle. This is a particular problem when approaching junctions or going round bends. Often when snow covers the road drivers do not realise that there is ice underneath, causing further skids and crashes. Similarly, a lack of awareness about increased stopping distances during snowy and icy weather can make a car crash into the back of another vehicle.


Dark evening and winter weather can cause serious visibility issues for drivers. If drivers do not switch on their headlights during falling snow or hail, collisions can easily occur. Crashes have also been known to happen when drivers have their headlights on full beam because of the bad weather, causing other drivers to be dazzled and lose control of their vehicle.

Vehicle Maintenance

It is extremely important that drivers take particular care of their vehicle during the winter months. Worn down tyres can easily cause cars to skid and crash. Failure to clear all snow and ice from windows, headlights and mirrors also increases the risk of accidents: the driver will not be able to see as clearly, whilst other drivers may not spot the vehicle in time to stop safely. Drivers also need to be aware that around the Christmas period there is an increased danger of drink-driving, a hazard that becomes even more dangerous when combined with icy roads and poor visibility. If you have been injured in a winter car accident that wasn’t your fault then you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Making a Claim

Compensation from your winter accident claim can help pay for any medical treatment needed, repairs to your car and provide financial reassurance if you have had to take time off work as a result of your accident. At Macks, our lawyers have vast experience in dealing with winter road traffic accident claims.

Winter will always present hazards for drivers on the roads. Rest assured that, should you suffer injuries because of another driver’s lack of care, we are here to help recover the compensation you deserve.

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