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Do you need more child-friendly working hours? Are you struggling with childcare due to your work?

At Macks Solicitors, our Employment Team understands the challenges faced by working parents especially when it comes to balancing your professional responsibilities with childcare needs. We specialise in providing support and advice for employees who need flexible working arrangements.

If you want more child-friendly working hours, we may be able to help you.

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Achieving a Better Work-Life Balance

Achieving a healthy work-life balance can be essential for your family’s well-being. At Macks Solicitors, we recognise the importance of flexible working arrangements in helping parents be there for their families. Flexible working benefits parents and employers, as it can result in happier and more productive employees who are likely to stay committed to their jobs.

Who Can Apply For Flexible Working Arrangements Relating to Childcare?

Parents with children aged under 6 or with disabled children under 18 have the right to apply for flexible working arrangements. This can also be extended to those who care for a spouse, partner or close relative that lives with them.

What Flexible Working Arrangements Can You Apply For?

The request for flexible working arrangements can be in relation to:

  1. Working Hours and Schedule: Requesting to adjust your working hours, for example, part-time hours or flexible start and finish times, to allow you to better manage your childcare responsibilities.
  2. Work Time Allocation: Requesting to change how your working hours are allocated throughout the week. For instance, you may wish to condense hours over fewer days.
  3. Place of Work: Requesting to work from home or have the flexibility to work remotely on specific days.

How To Apply For Flexible Working Arrangements?

To apply for flexible working arrangements, it is important to:

  • Submit a written request: Your request needs to be made in writing and explicitly mention that it is a request made under your statutory right to work flexibly.
  • Include relevant details: Provide details on the family member who you will be caring for. You will also need to outline your proposed flexible working arrangements, including the desired changes to your working hours and schedule, work time allocation, place of work and desired start date.
  • Address the impact on the business: Include the potential impact your flexible working request could have on the business and how it can be effectively managed.
  • Refer to previous requests: If you have previously requested flexible working arrangements, you should mention it in your new written request, including the date.

It is required for your employer to seriously consider your request, and if your request is agreed your employer will need time to implement the changes.

Can A Flexible Working Arrangement Relating To Childcare Be Refused?

It is possible for a flexible working arrangement request relating to childcare to be refused by an employer. Employees have the right to request flexible working arrangements, but not the right to flexible working arrangements. However, the employer must have a valid justification for refusing your request. Some common refusal reasons include:

  • Inability to meet customer/client demand
  • Negative impact on quality or performance
  • Inability to recruit additional staff or reorganise work among existing staff
  • Additional costs that cannot be absorbed
  • Insufficient work during the periods the employee proposes to work
  • Planned structural changes

How Macks Can Help

We will thoroughly explore your circumstances and determine the best course of action that is tailored to your specific needs. We will also discuss the funding arrangement that best suits your situation and provide you with efficient, practical advice.

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