If you’ve been injured in a road traffic accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. We are experts in dealing with all types of road traffic accident claims and are committed to securing you the compensation you deserve for your injuries and any financial losses sustained. Whether you were in a car, van or lorry, riding a bike or motorcycle, taking the bus or on foot, our lawyers can recover the sum you deserve. 

Road Traffic Accident Claims

Road accidents can result in various injuries, ranging from whiplash and fractures to serious, life-altering injuries. Whatever the extent of your injuries, and whether you were a driver, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist, we are committed to securing you the compensation you deserve.

We understand all the complexities involved in making a claim – our lawyers have dealt with thousands of cases over the years. We have significant experience in dealing with all kinds of road traffic accident claims, from those involving minor injuries to serious, multi-million-pound settlements. Whatever the nature of your accident, we’ll ensure you receive the maximum compensation and the best possible rehabilitation, enabling you to make the fullest recovery from your injuries.

Why We Are Different

Like other major law firms, we deal with many road traffic accident claims each year. Unlike other firms, however, we are able to say that not one of our cases has ever been “bought in” by paying a referral fee to a claims management company or insurer. All our clients come to us because they choose us to deliver a first-class service, not because their claim was “sold on”. We believe it’s a testament to our lawyers’ ability that our biggest source of new work is the personal recommendation of satisfied clients.

After a road traffic accident, your insurance company may recommend that your claim is dealt with by a member of their own legal panel. It’s important to remember you don’t have to use their appointed lawyers. Your insurance company will be selling your claim to the highest bidder, not necessarily to a firm which has genuine expertise and understanding. Getting Macks’ specialist legal advice will enable you to recover the maximum compensation in the quickest possible time.

Expert Legal Advice, Exceptional Client Care

We pride ourselves on providing an efficient service of the highest quality, which is why we use the latest technology to make the claims process as stress-free as possible for you. Our sophisticated electronic case management portal allows us to deal with your claim quickly and efficiently, without ever compromising on our quality of service. In many cases, where the injury is relatively minor, the claim may be settled within a matter of weeks.

After an accident, we understand that your top priority will be making the best possible recovery from your injuries. Wherever possible, we will secure early compensation payments so you can immediately access the best treatments available, without an unnecessary financial worry. Early compensation payments can also help if you’ve had to take time off work as a result of your injuries.

We provide you with a personal service that is completely tailored to your individual needs. We offer home and hospital visits to ensure that you don’t experience any additional inconvenience after your accident.

All our road traffic accident claims are dealt with on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Uninsured and Untraced Drivers

If your accident involved another driver who was uninsured, or they left the accident before you were able to record their details, we can still pursue a compensation claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB). We will ensure you don’t lose out on your compensation because another driver has broken the law.

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As of 31st May 2021, there have been several changes made by the Government to the Road Traffic Accident process, these reforms significantly impact on the amount of compensation awarded for whiplash / soft tissue injuries. Due to the reforms many Solicitors will no longer be taking new claims for Whiplash / soft tissue injuries, with the following exceptions:

  • If you were under 18 years of age
  • If you were a cyclist
  • If you were a pedestrian
  • If you were riding a motorbike or scooter
  • If you sustained serious injuries

In the event that your accident happened after 31st May 2021 and none of the above circumstances apply, the Ministry of Justice has set up website for injured people to pursue your own whiplash claims yourself: www.officialinjuryclaim.org.uk  We will still consider whiplash claims where the injury has lingered for over 6 months.

If your road traffic accident happened before the 31st May 2021 we are able to act and we will still take on all other RTAs in these areas, which are not effected:

  • Cyclists
  • Pedestrians
  • Children
  • Motorbikes
  • Scooters
  • and those with significant injuries/losses as well as a whiplash/soft tissue injury  (over £5,000, or overall claim above £10,000).

Should you be unsure of which category you fit into, our Personal Injuries legal team, would be happy to advise. Call us on 01642 252 828 or fill out our online claim form and one of our specialist road traffic accident lawyers will be in touch.