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Buying a property with a partner is exciting but it is important to agree and legally record the basis of your joint property ownership with a Declaration of Trust document.

Our specialist residential property Solicitors can draw up a Declaration of Trust to record your property agreement, protect your interests and reduce the risk of litigation should you or your co-owner decide that you no longer want to own the property together.

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Declaration of Trust

A Declaration of Trust can be used when a person decides to purchase a property with someone else or when a person moves into a property and the owner agrees that they will get an interest in the property.

A Declaration of Trust is recommended if you are buying a property with:

  • Your unmarried partner
  • Your brother or sister
  • A group of friends
  • Your parents
  • A colleague or partner as an investment

There are many reasons why you may want to buy a property with family or friends. For example:

  • To enable siblings or friends to afford their first property
  • Buying a second home as a family
  • Parents helping children or grandchildren take the first step on the housing ladder

Whatever the circumstances, a Declaration of Trust protects all the joint owners.

If you are buying as an engaged couple a prenuptial agreement may be more appropriate and if you are already married then a postnuptial agreement may be the recommended option.

Contents of a Declaration of Trust

A Declaration of Trust should include the following: 

  • Details of the joint owners, the property and the purchase price
  • Specify how much each co-owner contributed to the deposit and to the costs of buying the property
  • State the agreement on the percentage that each co-owner will contribute towards mortgage payments
  • The percentage of the equity in the property that each co-owner owns and how the equity is calculated
  • Whether the co-owners own the property together as joint tenants or as tenants in common

If co-owners fall out over whether the property should be sold or how the equity should be split an application can be made to Court to determine the property dispute. Signing a Declaration of Trust minimises those risks as the document records the agreement reached between co-owners and is binding.

 A member of our residential property team will be able to prepare the Declaration of Trust for you at the time of the property purchase.

Changing a Declaration of Trust

A Declaration of Trust can only be changed by agreement. In some cases, it is important to review and change the Declaration. For example, if one co-owner wants to invest more into the property by paying for an extension or home improvements. Alternatively, one co-owner may want to be bought out of the property so the shares of the other co-owners will need reconsideration.

Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common

There are two ways that co-owners of property can jointly own a property:

  • As joint tenants
  • As tenants in common

A joint tenancy is where the co-owners jointly own the property and if one co-owner dies, their share in the property will be passed to the surviving co-owner. With a tenancy in common, if one co-owner dies then their share in the property passes under their Will, or under intestacy rules, if they did not make a Will.

Co-owners of property should carefully consider which type of property ownership is best for their circumstances when drawing up a Declaration of Trust.

Our specialist property Solicitors can help you with your Declaration of Trust to ensure that all the co-owners understand ownership options and have peace of mind about their property co-ownership.

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We will provide you with efficient, practical advice and keep you updated throughout your matter. Wherever possible we will offer a fixed fee, so you will always know what the costs are from the outset.

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