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According to the HSE there were 565,000 people injured at work last year and 36.8 million working days are lost every year due to work-related illness and injury. Many of these injuries happened in warehouses.

Warehouses are among the most dangerous places to work in the UK. In 2015/16, there were 37,000 workplace injuries and 14 fatalities in the transport and storage sector alone. Many of these were manual handling injuries – with such injuries accounting for twenty percent of all workplace incidents. Workplace injuries can range from cuts and bruises to more serious conditions causing permanent disability.

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Common warehouse accidents include:

  • Falls
  • Being exposed to loud noises or dangerous substances
  • Equipment accidents
  • Incidents involving vehicles
  • Being struck be falling objects

And common warehouse injuries include:

  • Muscular injuries such as sprains or strains
  • Bruises, cuts, or lacerations
  • Burns
  • Dislocations, breaks or fractures
  • Loss of eyesight
  • Loss of hearing or tinnitus
  • Spinal and head injuries

The Responsibilities Of Your Employer

Accidents at work are often the result of an employer’s negligence, for example, in failing to provide proper training or equipment.

There are legal protections and regulations to protect you from injuries while working.

If your job involves heavy lifting, your employer should make sure that you are properly trained to be able to do it safely. They should also carry out risk assessments and provide you with the correct equipment if needed.

Your employer should provide you with appropriate PPE and ensure that all employees are properly trained and supervised. They should also ensure that safety barriers are in place where they are needed and that warning signs are placed in hazardous areas. They must also ensure that the workplace is kept clean and tidy and they should have in place a workplace Accident Book to record any incidents that may occur.

Preventing Warehouse Injuries

There are numerous preventative measures which can be undertaken to ensure that warehouse accidents to not occur. These include:

  • Equipment checks – ensuring that any equipment used by employees is regularly checked to make sure it is in good working condition. This is a good way to prevent warehouse injuries because contact with machinery was one of the eight most common causes of non-fatal workplace injuries in recent years.
  • Signs – signposting areas, objects and substances that may be dangerous is a key way to prevent warehouse injuries.
  • Training – better trained employees are less likely to have accidents in a warehouse because they will be made aware of the potential dangers in the warehouse. If an employer fails to provide suitable training then their employees will be at greater risk of warehouse injuries.
  • Providing employees with appropriate PPE for the warehouse work they are undertaking

An employer is legally required to have a workplace accident book to record any incidents, accidents or injuries which happen in a warehouse.

If You Have Suffered A Workplace Injury

The causes of warehouse accidents resulting in injuries are varied, and the impact they can have on the lives of their victims can be significant. If you have suffered a workplace injury through no fault of your own while working in a warehouse, you may be entitled to compensation.

If you have had an accident at work in the last three years, you are entitled to pursue a claim for compensation. What the compensation is for, and how much you would be entitled to varies on a case-by-case basis.

Compensation for warehouse injuries commonly includes:

  • Damages for pain and suffering
  • Loss of earnings
  • Damages for scarring
  • The cost of private medical treatment
  • Travel expenses
  • A claim for care and services provided by others because of your injury
  • A claim for being disadvantaged on the labour market
  • Prescription charges

Can I Claim If I Am Self-Employed?

If a warehouse you are expected to work in is unsafe and you suffer an injury as a result, you may have rights as a self-employed worker to make a claim for compensation.

Would Bringing A Claim Endanger My Job?

You are legally protected from any disciplinary action for making a claim against you employer for any injury you may have suffered in a warehouse.

Employers are legally required to have insurance in place to cover injuries to their employees, so that they are in a position to be able to pay any compensation.

How Do I Pursue A Claim?

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