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Receiving a diagnosis of asbestos-related lung cancer can be heartbreaking. However, it’s important to know that you may be eligible for compensation that can help you to cope with your diagnosis and alleviate the financial burden for both you and your family.

Asbestos exposure remains the leading cause of work-related fatalities worldwide, with an estimated 90,000 deaths occurring each year.

Asbestos is now banned in the UK but it was used extensively in industry for fireproofing and insulation and was to be found in numerous workplaces. This puts individuals in a number of occupations at great risk of asbestos exposure.

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How Does Asbestos Cause Lung Cancer?

Asbestos is a known carcinogen, which means it can cause cancer. It most often finds its way into a person’s lungs when fibres are disturbed and subsequently inhaled. These fibres can then cause damage and scarring to the lungs.

Once these fibres are in the body they can cause inflammation and oxidative stress in the lungs which can in turn mean DNA damage. DNA damage increases the risk of developing cancer and can lead to the development of cancerous cells and tumours.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lung Cancer Caused By Asbestos?

Lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure may present itself in a number of ways. The symptoms can vary depending on the stage of the cancer but there are some common signs to look out for.

  • A persistent cough that lasts for a long time, or occurs with increased severity or frequency.
  • Chest pain or a dull ache in the chest which may worsen with deep breathing, coughing, or laughing.
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing which may be more noticeable during physical activity.
  • Unexplained tiredness, weakness, or a general feeling of being fatigued.
  • Unintentional or unexplained weight loss or difficulty putting weight on.
  • Coughing up blood or rust-coloured phlegm.
  • Hoarseness or a raspy voice.
  • Frequent respiratory infections including bronchitis or pneumonia.

In the UK it is important to get a diagnosis if you are looking to claim compensation. These tests can help you to link the medical symptoms you are seeing to asbestos exposure.

Can I Get Compensation For Lung Cancer Caused By Asbestos?

In the UK, if you have been diagnosed with lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure, you may be eligible to claim compensation.

Compensation can help with important things like paying for medical expenses, providing compensation for pain and suffering, covering potential lost earnings, and addressing other financial losses incurred because of your diagnosis.

Before you claim it is important to establish that your lung cancer is linked to asbestos. This involves providing evidence of significant asbestos exposure. Minor exposure to asbestos will not generally be sufficient to prove a lung cancer is caused by asbestos exposure apart from the specific cancer of mesothelioma

To navigate the legal process and maximise your chance of a successful claim, you should seek the help of a solicitor who specialises in asbestos-related claims. We can guide you through the specific requirements and time limits for filing a claim for asbestos-related lung cancer in the UK.

Can I Claim For Asbestos Lung Cancer If I’ve Smoked?

It is possible to make a claim for asbestos-related lung cancer if you have previously smoked but there may be a couple of additional considerations.

To make a claim for asbestos-related lung cancer, it is crucial to establish that your cancer is directly linked to asbestos exposure. If you have a history of significant asbestos exposure, such as through work, it can strengthen your claim.

Smoking is a separate risk factor for lung cancer and can increase the likelihood of developing the disease. However, it’s important to note that asbestos exposure and smoking have a synergistic effect, meaning their combined impact on lung cancer risk is greater than either factor alone. Even if you have a smoking history, if asbestos exposure played a significant role in the development of your lung cancer, you may still be eligible to make a claim.

How Much Can I Claim For Lung Cancer From Asbestos?

Compensation amounts for asbestos-related lung cancer in the UK are typically determined by assessing the individual circumstances of each case, including the physical and emotional impact of the disease, medical expenses, loss of earnings, and potential future care costs.

It’s important to consult with a solicitor or legal professional experienced in asbestos-related claims to get a better understanding of the potential compensation you may be entitled to.

We will assess the specific details of your case, help you to gather relevant evidence, and provide you with a realistic valuation.

Asbestos Claims After Death

It is possible to claim on behalf of someone who has passed away as a result of asbestos-related lung cancer.

The compensation amount that can be sought in asbestos claims after death can vary depending on factors such as the nature and severity of the disease, the impact on the deceased individual’s quality of life, and the financial losses suffered by their family or dependents.

In cases of asbestos-related death, compensation claims can typically be pursued by the surviving family members or dependents of the deceased.

This may include the spouse or partner, children, parents, and other individuals who were financially dependent on at the time of the death.

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