If you have taken the sensible step to make a Will, it is important to make sure the Will is stored safely and can be found quickly and easily by your executor.

A Will is one of the most important legal documents you will ever make and although there is no legal requirement for your Will to be stored in a particular place, if it cannot be found or has been damaged in storage this can lead to considerable problems and delay in the administration of your Estate.

Store your Will with Macks

At MACKS we recommend that your Will is stored in our secure strong room. There is no charge for this service. You will receive a copy of the Will and the storage number.

It is important to inform your Executors where your Will is stored. If your Executor cannot find your Will then he cannot act as he cannot prove he has been appointed.

At MACKS we can confirm to your Executor the storage number and how they can retrieve the Will.

There are other options for storage, but there are problems with each:

  • At home

Keeping your Will at home may carry a risk from fire, flood, burglary, pests or misplacement during a “spring clean”.

If stored in a personal safe box, you will need to provide the key or the combination number to your Executor.

Your Will could be read by any one and may no longer be private.

  • At a bank

Banks often charge for placing a Will into storage with them, a production fee to retrieve the Will and an annual fee for storing your Will.

There may be a delay in obtaining your Will which could cause problems to your executor.

If you have numerous bank accounts your Executor may not know which bank holds your Will.

  • At the Probate Registry

Your Will can be stored at the Probate Registry in London. There is a fee for this and your Executors will need to apply for this to be released which can be time-consuming.

What is the next step?

Having made a Will, store it in a safe place at MACKS. Make your Executor aware of this and how they can retrieve it.

At MACKS we strongly recommend a face-to-face meeting with one of our specialist Solicitors who will be able to explain things in greater detail and advise on the importance of storing your Will correctly.

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