• 22 July 2011

Why choose Macks Solicitors for your work injury claim?

by Macks Solicitors

After an injury at work, making a claim for compensation is unlikely to be one of the first things you think of. There’s the pain of the injury, the worry of missing work and the stress to both you and your family. However, the financial implications of an injury can be a major source of worry and a compensation payment can pay for lost wages in minor cases plus money for home adaptations and care in more serious cases.

Choosing the wrong solicitor to manage your claim can mean that you end up with a smaller compensation payment than your claim deserves. An experienced, knowledgeable and professional solicitor will make all the difference to the payment that you receive and to your peace of mind during the claims process.

You may be approached by an insurance company with an offer of money. However, the amount is unlikely to be of a similar level to that which would be suggested by the Judicial Studies Board. The insurance company will most probably fail to take into account the different factors that an experienced solicitor would. This guidelines early offer will have been made with the aim of minimising the payment, not serving the best interests of the claimant. It is better to get legal advice before making any decisions so that you know your options.

Using a Claims management company instead of a solicitor can also be risky. They cannot take the claim to court so will either push for an out-of-court settlement or pass the case to a solicitor who may have paid them for the referral. This means that the solicitor who manages your case in court has not been selected for their expertise or experience. In both scenarios, the result may be a lower payment than you could receive with an expert solicitor.

The solicitors at Macks have been through many years of training and are strictly regulated. They closely follow professional rules and standards. We also have many years of experience in a variety of different types of personal injury claim, including very serious cases of paralysis and spinal injury.

Our aim is to achieve the maximum compensation payment for you and the only way to do this is through thorough medical evidence. Therefore, we will ensure that an assessment is undertaken of the future effects of the injury so that this can be taken into account in as part of the case.

Macks Solicitors is committed to providing a high quality service to customers. We are proud that many of our clients contact us following a recommendation.

You can call Macks Solicitors on 01642 252 828 for free advice, without obligation or complete an online form and we will contact you to discuss your claim further.

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