Passengers injured in collision at Darlington railway station

An investigation has begun into an incident at Darlington railway station in which a number of passengers were injured.

The incident happened just before 11am on Saturday the 3rd October when a Northern Rail Train collided with the rear of a National Express East Coast Mainline train as it was about to leave from platform 4.

Most passengers escaped unhurt but there were a few who were taken to hospital suffering minor injuries including whiplash.

Rebecca Montague of Macks Solicitors said “Although trains are still one of the safest ways to travel, accidents do occasionally happen and unfortunately passengers are left injured as a result.

“The effect of being in a train crash can have a lasting impact, both physically and emotionally, upon those involved. Fortunately, most of the passengers in the Darlington crash escaped without injury and the claims we are dealing with are thankfully, not too serious.”

“However, symptoms of injury don’t always present immediately after an incident such as this and there may well be other passengers who have been injured in the collision.”

All those who were taken to hospital immediately after the accident were discharged on the same day.

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