Holiday Payout Highlights Food Poisoning Dangers

Holidaymakers have been warned to beware of food poisoning dangers after a Darlington woman whose Red Sea resort break was ruined by illness won a £22,500 payout.

Mandy Davis, a 32-year old social worker, booked the 10-day luxury Egyptian trip with her partner in 2013 and began to experience illness after only a few days of eating the hotel’s food.

She suffered vomiting and diarrhoea, stomach cramps and a high body temperature. She noticed significant weight loss and 18 months later is still experiencing the symptoms, regularly visiting her GP for treatment.

Miss Davis reported seeing hotel food exposed for long periods of time outdoors and being topped up rather than replaced. She also noticed birds and flies in contact with the hotel buffet.

Thomson Holidays’ parent company, TUI UK Ltd, accepted liability for the incident and agreed to compensate Miss Davis for the cost of her remaining holiday and the on going suffering caused.

James Pritchard, a personal injury specialist at Macks Solicitors, said: “With the summer holiday season almost upon us, I expect lots more people will suffer similar problems.

“If you are unfortunate enough to suffer food poisoning on holiday, gather as much evidence as you can while you are still in the resort. “Make sure your illness is reported to the local rep, take photographs or videos if there are any questionable food practices and take full names and contact details for anyone else ill at the same time as you. “It’s also helpful to record what you have eaten in the few days before being ill. Once you’re back home and a few weeks have passed, it can be extremely difficult to gather this evidence, which may hinder your ability to claim compensation.”

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