Arranging appropriate medical care and rehabilitation for our clients who have sustained injury in slipping and tripping accidents is a very important part of the service we provide.

It is vital that the best in medical treatment and rehabilitation is available so that those who have sustained injuries in slips or trips make the best possible recovery.

Injuries sustained in slip and trip accidents can vary considerably. An injury could be something relatively straightforward, for example a sprain to the ankle. In that case the rehabilitation may involve a few sessions of physiotherapy. Slipping and tripping accidents can, however, result in significant injuries, including major fractures, which require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation to ensure that a client’s chances of making a full recovery are maximised.

In slipping and tripping claims the assistance provided can include:-

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Re-training
  • Future treatment
  • Psychotherapy

At Macks we try to offer our clients the very best in medical treatment and we look to secure early interim payments so that appropriate treatment and rehabilitation can be arranged.

Whatever the nature of your slipping or tripping accident and the injuries suffered, we promise to do our very best to reduce the impact of your injuries through appropriate medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Our specialist solicitors will endeavour to provide you with the best possible outcome. Contact us on 01642 252 828 or complete our contact form and one of our solicitors specialising in slipping and tripping claims will do their very best to help you.

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