What should I do if I have an accident abroad?

If you are involved in an accident abroad or if you develop an illness whilst on holiday taking the following steps will often assist with your claim but failure to do so will not prevent your case from being successful.  For advice tailored to your accident circumstances please contact our team directly.

  • Make a formal report of the accident/illness to the holiday representatives on site, the hotel or accommodation reception or service provider. Make a note of the person to whom your accident is reported and if possible obtain a copy of the report form.
  • Also report the accident/illness to your tour operator directly. Again it is important that you keep a note of to whom the accident/illness was reported as well as the date and time the report was made. You should ask the operator to provide you with a copy of the report form.
  • Take photographs of the area where your accident occurred. If you were involved in a tripping accident also gather evidence such as measurements showing the dimensions of the defect. Also take details of any witnesses to your accident or obtain details of any other holiday makers who are affected by a similar illness.
  • Obtain medical attention. If you need treatment abroad keep a note of any expenses including receipts. Also ask the medical professional to provide you with a copy of your notes following treatment so that these can be used when you return to the UK.
  • Keep all of your holiday booking documentation and invoices which may be required if you decide to proceed with a compensation claim.
  • Contact our specialist holiday claims team for no obligation advice tailored to your circumstances. Please do not delay obtaining legal advice about your claim in light of the strict time limits which may apply. Call 01642 252828 or use our online form.

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