Swindon Cyclist Finally Wins Multi-million Payout for road traffic accident

Today, Graham Gregory of Hill Side Way, Blunsdon, can finally rest after winning a four year long court battle to gain compensation for a road traffic accident so severe it left him a tetraplegic who must completely rely on those around him for his day-to-day care.

The accident occurred on July 9th, 2005 when Mr Gregory, now 48, was hit from behind by a car as he cycled home from his friend’s house in Wootton Basset. Initially, Mr Gregory was treated at the Great Western Hospital, but was soon moved to the National Spinal Injuries Centre near Aylesbury, where, as part of the Stoke Mandeville Hospital, he spent 32 days in intensive care. After two years he was moved to the spinal unit at Salisbury Hospital where he remained until February of last year. However, no amount of treatment or care could change the fact that Mr Gregory had lost the use of all four limbs and was now fully dependent on others for his wellbeing.

Having worked previously in a number of jobs, as a circus hand, a kitchen worker and a service station attendant, Mr Gregory is now confined to a specially adapted bungalow and is unable to look after himself. The case was settled in an out-of-court agreement where the Motor Insurers Bureau agreed to pay Mr Gregory a multi-million pound sum on the basis of 90 per cent liability. Mr Gregory’s lawyers estimate the amount to be in the region of £4 million.

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