10 injured and 1 dead in 30-Vehicle pile up on the A19

Dense fog and bad driving have been blamed for a 30-vehicle crash on the A19 on Friday 26th June.

The incident, which happened at 10.15pm on the southbound carriageway, involved two petrol tankers, an empty minibus and 26 private cars and vans. A second series of collisions on the northbound carriageway directly opposite occurred shortly after the first and a third accident involving 2 private cars and a police vehicle a short distance away added to the mayhem.

Inspector Ken Pullen, of Durham police, said “This accident was caused by bad driving in treacherous conditions. People were driving too fast and too close together in dense fog and the result has been tragic.

“There was a patch of particularly thick fog which motorists drove into, braked and there were collisions. But people following on at speed have suddenly been confronted with this in the fog and have been unable to stop in time.

“Thick bands of fog are a peculiarity of the area, but drivers can lessen the chance of being in an accident by slowing down and giving themselves a chance to stop.”

The deceased, an off-duty policeman from Sunderland, was traveling between the 2 HGVs when, it is believed the one in front braked. The tanker at the back failed to stop in time and rammed the victim’s vehicle, crushing it between them.

Witnesses are being asked to contact the Police

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