Death is a taboo subject, and according to a recent survey only 33% of people had discussed with their partner the type of funeral they wanted and only 11% had discussed this subject with their parents.

If you are ill-at-ease discussing your funeral arrangements with your family and friends, you can discuss this with one of the specialist Solicitors at MACKS and set out your wishes in your Will.

What are the advantages of including funeral arrangements in your Will?

There are two main advantages:

  • To give you peace of mind knowing your wishes will be carried out and that you have eased the burden for your family and friends in doing so.
  • To give your family and friends peace of mind knowing they are carrying out your final wishes. This can provide comfort at such a difficult emotional time.

What funeral arrangements can I make?

The basic answer is – anything you wish – but the main areas could include:

  • Burial

This is the traditional option and for many the only option. If this is your preference, leave directions in your Will for your body to be buried, put aside money for the purchase of a grave or purchase the grave during your lifetime and leave the deeds with your Will.

  • Cremation

70% of all funerals in the UK are cremation and for many this is due to cost. Cremation is cheaper than burial. This may be the more eco-friendly option and means there is no obligation to maintain a grave or pay for its upkeep.

You may wish to specify where your ashes are to be scattered or stored.

  • Funeral Service

Your Will can specify the hymns or songs or readings which are personal to you.

  • Flowers

Do you wish to request certain types or colours of flowers on your coffin or in the church or chapel?

Many people request no flowers other than family flowers and instead ask for donations to their favourite charity.

  • Coffin

Alongside the traditional wooden coffin the choice now includes eco-pods, wicker coffins or recycled coffins.

  • Mourning

Are your family and friends to wear the traditional black or not?

  • Prepaid funeral plan

There is the option to prepare your funeral in advance with a funeral director and pay for this during your lifetime. Such plans can offer you and your family the same piece of mind as having your funeral plans set out in your Will.

If you have a plan in place you must tell your Executors, family and friends. The plan can be placed with your Will and reference can be made to the plan in your Will.

What is the next step?

At MACKS we can provide care and support to discuss this topic with you sensitively and compassionately. At MACKS we strongly recommend a face-to-face meeting with one of our specialist solicitors who will be able to explain things in greater detail and advise you on how to use your Will to achieve your specific wishes.

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