Widow of cyclist killed due to pothole receives compensation

The widow of a cyclist who was killed after hitting a pothole has received a six-figure sum in compensation.

Kate Uzzel launched a civil claim against North Yorkshire council after her husband Martyn Uzzel was killed in June 2011. He was taking part in a charity bike ride when a pothole that had developed around a drain caused him to be thrown into the path of an oncoming car.

The road had apparently been inspected twice and the pothole had been reported to the council by a policeman a month earlier. The local authority however, had decided that its condition was not bad enough to be repaired.

Poor winter weather conditions with ice and rain, combined with a lack of funding for road repairs mean potholes are extremely common, and can be fatal for cyclists.

In an out-of-court settlement, Mrs Uzzel was awarded a six-figure sum. North Yorkshire council stated that they did not accept any liability for the accident, but due to the sensitive nature of the claim, they wished to avoid any more litigation.

The National Cycling Charity (CTC) have said that local authority maintenance regimes need to place a higher emphasis on the needs of cyclists. This particular type of pothole, at the very edge of the road, may not affect drivers but can be extremely dangerous for cyclists, who inevitably ride close to the curb.

The CTC have called on the government and local councils to commit to long term maintenance of roads and preventative measures like resurfacing to stop potholes forming.

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