Welder Gains Compensation For Fractured Skull

A 30 year old welder, who suffered a head injury that left him unable to work and caused him significant memory loss, has successfully sued the engineering company whom he was working for when his injury occurred.

As yet unnamed, the welder was working in a new computer science building at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth. As he tried to fit a new handrail, another metal handrail supporting post fell from the top of the staircase above him, which, falling as it did from a height of 15 feet, fractured his skull, broke his nose and caused soft tissue injuries to his neck and spine. As well as spending nine days in hospital, the unfortunate man is also having to receive therapy for his memory loss, and has been unable to work for the past two years. Speaking of his accident, the man said: “As a welder I am used to working in dangerous conditions so I couldn’t believe I was so badly injured while doing what I would call a simple and safe job”.

The claim has been settled out of court after the man’s employers, Severn Engineering Company, admitted liability. A representative from the welder’s union, GMB, said: “This accident could have been avoided had this metal post been stored safely. Basic health and safety rules must be followed when working on construction sites where the simplest mistake can lead to life threatening work accidents.”

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