Payout for accident at work brain injury

A labourer from South Shields who suffered extensive brain injury in a workplace accident has received a substantial sum in compensation.

The 39-year-old, who does not wish to be named, was hit on the head by welding equipment while painting a ship for Bell Decorating Group.

He was working on the Repubblica Di Roma cargo ship in A&P Falmouth when the accident happened in 2004. He was wearing full safety equipment including a hard hat, which may have saved his life.

The accident has left him unable to work and he now suffers from deafness, poor short term memory and concentration. His balance is also affected and he suffers from epilepsy and severe headaches since the accident

His family then contacted solicitors following the accident to pursue a claim for compensation. Bell Decorating Group admitted liability and settled the claim out of court, with A&P Falmouth’s insurers settling the majority of the claim. The size of the settlement reflects the fact that he can no longer work and that his injury means he must rely on support from others for the rest of his life.

The victim’s mother said: “This accident has had a huge impact on the whole family. My son’s life has dramatically changed. He was a grown man, with a good well paid job and his whole future was ahead of him. He can no longer work. This money will help to cover his daily living costs now that he can longer earn a wage.”

Mick Laffey who represented the family added: “This accident was caused by poor health and safety techniques and could have been avoided had the necessary precautions been taken. As a result our client’s life has taken a dramatic turn for the worst. This compensation can never make up for the client’s brain damage or for the loss of the life he once led. It is aimed at helping our client maintain a standard of living if not the same kind of life he would have expected had he been able to work up to retirement age.”

The Health and Safety Executive were informed of the accident and their investigation into the company’s health and safety policies in still ongoing.

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