• 18 April 2023

North East Cyclists Urge Drivers To Take A Second Look After Injuries And Deaths Remain High

by Macks Solicitors

With summer soon approaching, more cyclists are likely to be riding their bikes, so Road Safety GB North East are urging drivers to watch out for cyclists. Peter Slater, chairman of Road Safety GB North East states, “During the spring and summer, we see cyclist casualties increase, but the majority of collisions are preventable.

We are appealing to all road users. If everyone was more alert, slowed down and gave each other space, a lot of collisions would be avoided. Drivers should always take a second look for cyclists, and they should look over their shoulder before pulling out to overtake or join traffic, or before opening their car door.”

Whilst cyclists only travel 1% of the miles travelled in the region, they make up 11% of the causalities. In the North East alone, there have been 16 deaths, 549 seriously injured and 1,846 slightly injured cyclists over the last five years.

Almost a quarter of the cyclist causalities were under 16 years old, and 12 to 15 year olds being one of the high risk groups on the road. However, the latest figures show 90% of children injured or killed were not wearing helmets at the time of their accident.

Road Safety Co-ordinator for Cleveland Fire Brigade, Andrew Bright, highlights, “These statistics are more than numbers; they could be someone’s son, daughter, husband or wife. We are appealing to all road users to take extra care, particularly around junctions. Take time to read the road ahead and give cyclists space when overtaking.”

Please ensure you are double-checking the road at all times and are allowing space and time for cyclists.

For more information, visit: Road Safety GB – Making Our Roads Safer For Everyone

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