Near-Miss Project Shows Cycle Injury Dangers

Personal injury lawyers say the results of a cycling study suggest that separating cars and bikes is the safest option for our roads.

Researchers believe measures designed to protect cyclists, such as road-narrowing to prevent close overtaking, can instead cause them increased anxiety and may even increase the chances of accidents.

They say drivers can become agitated and behave aggressively if they can’t quickly pass a cyclist who is taking up the recommended primary road position.

James Pritchard, a Personal Injury solicitor and keen cyclist, said: “As both a cyclist and a solicitor specialising in cycling claims, I have a lot of personal experience of this. “Too many drivers become impatient when ‘stuck’ behind cyclists and force their way through, greatly endangering the cyclist. “Surely the best solution is to completely separate cyclists and drivers? While this would cost more to implement, it would also encourage many more to take up cycling and we would gain all the health and environmental benefits that cycling promotes.”

Cyclists were asked to share their experiences of one day’s cycling and record any minor incidents involving vehicles and pedestrians as part of Westminster University’s “Near Miss Project”.

Their findings indicate that a succession of daily minor incidents, including close passes by vehicles, can deter and discourage urban cyclists and create a barrier to cycling.

The project also examined the consequences of such incidents by asking cyclists to record their feelings and reactions to them. The findings will be presented to road planners and transport policy-makers.

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