Lawyer escapes prison after bottle assault

A young lawyer from Jersey has narrowly escaped a prison sentence from the Royal Court after attacking a man with a wine bottle.

John Patrick Joseph Conway, 22, admitted assaulting Shane Coggin on 9 December 2007 after he got drunk at his office Christmas party. The court heard how Conway left the party with a wine bottle and subsequently went to Weighbridge taxi rank. Mr Coggin also in the taxi queue was hit over the head with the wine bottle by Conway in a seemingly unprovoked attack .

Deputy Bailiff Michael Birt said: “This had been an attack without any provocation and both Conway and his victim were fortunate that he had not suffered more serious injuries.”

The court accepted that it was out of character and was satisfied that Conway described by his lawyer as ‘a model citizen’ was genuinely remorseful.

Conway was sentenced to 240 hours community service and was ordered to pay £500 to Mr Coggin.

Following the assault Conway resigned from his job in the trust department of a law firm.

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