• 17 August 2023

Family Chased By Cattle

by Macks Solicitors

It was recently reported by the campaign group, Killer Cows, that on the 30th of July, a family were walking on a marked public footpath near Denbigh. They noticed a herd of bullocks in the distance and took care to avoid them by walking around the field. However, one bullock approached them rapidly, followed by the entire herd. The only escape route for the family was over a barbed wire fence.

Thankfully, the family made it over the fence before the herd closed in, but they sustained cuts in the process. The entire family was deeply traumatised by the event and now feels afraid to use footpaths with cattle.

The Killer Cows are a small group of walkers who have come together to raise awareness of the dangers posed by cattle. They aim to make footpaths safer for walkers across England and Wales by reducing the risk posed by cattle. Since July 2017, 665 incidents of cattle attacks in England and Wales have been reported. 24% resulted in minor injuries, and another 9% resulted in more serious injuries.

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