There is no “standard” or “typical” accident or injury at work. The personal injury solicitors at Macks have extensive knowledge and years of experience of injuries caused in a vast range of employment sectors.

The fact that accidents can happen in any workplace was underlined recently when New York Fashion Week became the backdrop of a very public mishap.

Experienced model Candice Swanepoel suffered an unfortunate fall at the Givenchy show, directly in front of the world’s media. In the course of her employment, the model was required to showcase fringed boots with an open shoelace. As a result of the design of the shoe and the way her employer required her to wear them, she appeared to trip on the laces of boots, falling heavily onto the concrete runway.

Thankfully, Candice wasn’t badly hurt. She took to Instagram to showcase her injuries to the world, confirming she had been “left with little scratches but mostly a bruised ego”.

Candice wasn’t the first celebrity to take a tumble in front of a watching world. A TV audience of millions watched Madonna’s dramatic fall from grace at the 2015 BRIT Awards, when she was unable to untie her cape in time and was pulled to the ground by her backing dancer.

The Law

The law in England and Wales states that employers have a duty to take reasonable care of their employees during the course of their work. Failing to do so could amount to the employer being negligent.

Health and safety legislation dictates that employers must ensure that the equipment and uniform supplied to their employees is fit for purpose. They are also required to provide safe plant and machinery to employees while they are undertaking their work. Furthermore, employers must provide competent fellow employees – employers can be liable for any injuries caused by the actions of their employees while at work.

As we have seen, accidents can occur in any employment sector, from the factory floor to the glamorous catwalks of the world’s fashion capitals.

If you, like Candice and Madonna, have suffered an injury as a result of a fall, slip, trip or accident of any kind at work, call Macks Solicitors, the injury specialists.


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