At Macks we understand that, particularly for smaller businesses, keeping up to date with employment law and making sure accurate contracts and procedures are in place can be very difficult. This aspect of law is complex and always changing, meaning that it is very easy for errors and mistakes to occur, which can have an adverse effect on your business. Our expert, tailored legal advice will provide you with the confidence and security you need to take your business forward.

We can take care of all legal aspects of your business, including:

  • Preparing contracts, procedures and policy documents
  • Advising on disciplinary cases
  • Employment tribunals and advising on claims made against your business

In all circumstances, we will secure the most efficient, cost-effective approach that benefits your business the most.

We offer a comprehensive support package to employers, including out-of-hours appointments during evenings and weekends, at either your home or place of work, depending on what is convenient to you. Out-of-hours telephone advice is also available to help you deal with unexpected employment problems whenever they arise. We understand the importance of receiving advice that is appropriate to your business needs, as this often stops problems from escalating into major, time-consuming issues. Our advice is fully tailored to you.

Employment Tribunal Claims for Wrongful or Unfair Dismissal:

Costs to Employers

Our charges for advising and representing you in defending an Employment Tribunal claim brought against you by a former employee for wrongful or unfair dismissal are calculated on the basis of the time that we spend in dealing with your matter.  This is charged at an hourly rate of £146 per hour spent on your matter.

There are four main stages to your claim and the costs will depend on how far through the process you go and the complexity of your claim.

ACAS Stage

Our fees in dealing with this stage will include the following:-

Taking your initial instructions, reviewing the papers and advising you on the merits of the claim against you and likely levels of compensation. If settlement is reached we will draft the formal agreement on your behalf.

Entering into pre-claim conciliation via ACAS on your behalf.

This can take up to four months depending on the limitation date for the claim and the length of negotiations. Our average costs for this stage are from £200 to £800.

Responding to an Issued Claim

Our fees in dealing with this stage will include the following:-

Advising you on the Employment Tribunal process, reviewing the claim brought against you and preparing your response.

This process can take a further one to two months and our average costs are from £500 to £1,000.

Preliminary Hearing

Our fees in dealing with this stage will include the following:-

Considering the schedule of losses claimed, exploring and negotiating settlement, agreeing a case management agenda and preparing for and attending the preliminary hearing.

This process can take a further two to three months and if your claim goes to this stage our average costs are from £1,000 to £2,000.

In addition we may need to instruct a Barrister to advise you and to represent you at the preliminary hearing and this is likely to cost from £350 to £900 depending on the experience of the Barrister we instruct.

Final Hearing

Our fees in dealing with this stage will include the following:-

Advising you on the outcome of the preliminary hearing, exchanging documents with the other side and agreeing a bundle of documents, preparing witness statements and agreeing their content with witnesses, preparing a bundle of documents, reviewing and advising on the other side’s witness statements, reviewing any medical evidence provided by the other side, agreeing a list of issues, preparing for the final hearing, instructing a Barrister to represent you and attending the hearing with you.

This process can take a further three to four months and our average costs should your case go to this stage are from £5,000 to £10,000.

We will need to instruct a Barrister to represent you at the final hearing and their costs are likely to be £1,500 to £3,000 with an additional daily cost of approximately £850 per day that your hearing lasts.

The following factors are likely to put your costs at the upper end of the ranges given:-

  • There are a large number of witnesses or documents
  • Medical evidence is required in relation to whether the claimant is disabled
  • Counsels opinion is required on a specific area of law
  • Additional applications are needed, including in relation to additional orders required or amendments to the claim.
  • It is alleged that the dismissal was for a reason that is classed as an “automatic” unfair dismissal e.g. they have been dismissed after whistleblowing.
  • The dismissal involved other factors, or alleged factors, such as discrimination

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