Cyclist awarded £500,000 compensation after injury

A cyclist who was injured in a road accident in Belfast and forced to stop work was today awarded over £500,000 in damages.

Canadian born Martine Samray, aged 45, was cycling along with a friend down the Beersbridge road, Belfast, when she was knocked off her bike by a car heading in the opposite direction. In the accident which happened in the east of the city in August 2000, Ms Sampray was left with multiple fractures.

The driver of the car that hit her was not prosecuted by police but Ms Sampray decided to take a civil action for damages.

Ms Sampray has accepted £525,000 for her injuries and subsequent financial loss in a settlement announced to the High Court. The case, which has taken more than seven years to be settled, was contested at first but liability was eventually admitted.

At the time of the accident Ms Sampray a specialist technologist with aviation firm Bombardier Aerospace, was working in Belfast at subsidiary company Shorts.

Initially after the accident she returned to Quebec in Canada, and went back to work, but was later deemed unfit to continue in her employment by Canadian medical authorities.

Ms Sampray was said to be relieved that a settlement had finally been agreed upon and she can now finally get on with her life. Her solicitor said: “The accident has had a serious impact on Ms Sampray’s life in that she was not able to continue in her work.” He also continued to say: “Our client is delighted that after seven years the case has been satisfactorily concluded.”

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