• 23 March 2020

COVID-19: Employment Law Advice

by Macks Solicitors

During this time of uncertainty and crisis, with businesses closing and members of staff having to work from home, it is important to highlight the issues and questions employees will have about the current situation, and how this will impact their future.

Employment specialist, Len Mann, explains the current guidelines and what to do during this time.

Corona virus and sick pay

If you must take sickness absence from work first check your written terms and conditions. You may be entitled to paid leave at your contract rate for a period of time and then a reduced rate such as half pay for a period of time.

In some employment contracts payment of sick pay is discretionary and the employer can decide depending on the circumstances.

If there is no contractual right to sick pay workers who earn over £118.00 per week are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) after the first 3 days of sick leave.

For workers who have to self-isolate because they have the coronavirus or they have coronavirus symptoms or members of their family have coronavirus symptoms, or a doctor or 111 have advised them to self-isolate SSP is paid from day 1 of the period of absence.

For part-time workers who earn less than £118 per week they need to apply on-line for Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credit through the Jobcentre.

Leave from work because of the Coronavirus

Many businesses are having to close or have reduced work because of the Coronavirus.

Last week the government announced they would give 80% pay protection to workers in this situation.

The precise details of how these payments are to be claimed has not yet been set out.

It is expected employers will apply on a government portal to claim pay for workers that have to be sent home.

It is not expected that the employer will have to make up the other 20% to claim 80% from the government.

We will provide further information about this and other employment law issues when it is available.

If you are unsure about any issue related to employment law, then Len is on hand to answer any questions you may have. We are here to support people through this time of uncertainty and do everything we can to bring a sense of calm and reassurance to people.

You can contact us on 01642 252828 or visit our website https://www.mackssolicitors.co.uk/ for more information. We also have an online chat facility available via our website so you can speak to our trusted advisors, and have legal advice without having to leave your home.

We want to reassure you that we are here, and will do all we can to get our clients through this time.

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