The most common reasons for hairdresser claims are:-

  • Failure to conduct a patch test before applying products. Ideally this should be conducted 48 hours prior to the treatment and should be repeated every 6-8 weeks.
  • Using the wrong product which may be too strong for your hair type.
  • Leaving products on the hair too long.
  • Overlapping products.

Negligent hair treatment can lead to hair loss, damage to the scalp and loss of confidence. If you have been the subject of negligent treatment we would advise you to take the following steps:-

  • Take photographs showing the damage – multiple shots from various angles are helpful. You may wish to take photographs on a weekly basis – ensure that all photographs are dated.
  • Obtain photographs showing your hair before the negligent treatment – again with an indication of the date these were taken.
  • Keep a sample of your hair if you go ahead with any further treatments or styling.
  • Note down details of the stylist who conducted the treatment together with the date and time of your appointment.
  • Take a note of any conversations you have with the stylist or salon.
  • Ask for details of the products which were used on your hair – if possible obtain the packaging and instruction leaflets.
  • Obtain medical treatment if necessary.

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