If you have suffered injuries as a result of negligent hair treatment you may be entitled to claim compensation from the hairdresser, salon or their insurers. You will recover compensation not only for any pain and suffering experienced but also for the psychological effects of the damage, the effect on your every day life as well as your out of pocket expenses. Examples of expenses which can be claimed on your behalf are:-

  • Loss of earnings;
  • Private medical/beauty treatment;
  • The cost of prescriptions and painkillers;
  • The cost of hair products to help your hair to recover;
  • Additional care and assistance required;
  • Transport costs;
  • The cost of ointments to alleviate blistered skin/irritation.

Expenses can be claimed for both past losses as well as future losses and requirements.

It is important however that you take steps to mitigate (i.e. reduce) your losses and keep any related expenses at a reasonable level. You must always carefully follow the advice of the professionals.
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