In child injury claims, early intervention and rehabilitation is vital. It is important to consider not only the treatment of the initial injuries but also a child’s future development. At Macks we strive to provide appropriate and timely rehabilitation and treatment which can improve a child’s recovery, development and quality of life in later years.

The type of rehabilitation and treatment required will vary from case to case and we will ensure that suitable expert reports are obtained to ensure that the correct treatment is provided.

Rehabilitation in child injury claims can include medical treatment and care, therapies, counselling, tutoring and the provision of aids and equipment. In serious child injury cases, it may be necessary to appoint a case manager to help implement and co-ordinate the rehabilitation plan.

Although it is often felt that children have a greater chance of recovering from injuries, in the case of brain injuries this is not the case and the earliest injuries invariably cause greater damage to the brain which can result in long term problems.

At Macks we ensure that our clients receive well managed and appropriate rehabilitation to try and restore the child’s function and achieve the best possible outcome with one of our specialist child injury solicitors.
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