Case Study: Car Accident Claim – Jonathan’s Accident

Jonathan was travelling by car with his wife and two children along a motorway when a vehicle travelling on the opposite carriageway collided with the central reservation causing debris to hit Jonathan’s vehicle.  As a result Jonathan braked heavily and he and his wife and children all sustained whiplash type injuries.

Macks – the car accident claim specialists

Jonathan contacted Macks.  A member of the Macks personal injury team was able to tell Jonathan that the other driver had acted negligently in that he:

  1. Drove too fast;
  2. Failed to keep any or any proper control of his vehicle;
  3. Failed to take any or any adequate care for the safety of other road users.
  4. Collided with the central reservation;

Liability for the other driver’s negligence was admitted and compensation for Jonathan was settled at £3,250.

In addition to securing compensation for Jonathan’s injuries, Macks personal injury team were able to arrange private physiotherapy treatment for him which had been recommended by his GP.

Making a car accident claim

Macks provided a quality caring service for all personal injury victims.  To find out more about making a car accident claim, please telephone 01642 252 828.  Alternatively, you may wish to complete the 30-second claim form.

Please note that in the interests of preserving our clients’ privacy, we alter some factual details, including names. The report is, however, based on a real case.

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