Bus Accident

Travelling by bus is usually an extremely safe form of public transport with bus drivers being both specially qualified and highly experienced, however no amount of qualification or experience can prevent bus accidents from occurring.

Unfortunately, when a bus accident does occur then there can be a large number of people injured and the injuries caused can of often be serious particularly as the large majority of public transport buses are not fitted with seatbelts.

Typical injuries suffered as a result of bus accidents can include bumps and bruises, whiplash, broken bones, psychological injuries, scarring or other permanent disfigurements.

Fortunately in most bus accidents it is rare for somebody to suffer very serious injuries however if you have been involved in a bus accident and incurred any injury as a result then you should always seek specialist legal advice as you may be entitled to claim compensation.

What is a “Bus Accident”?

A bus accident can occur in a variety of ways. It may be that you are a passenger onboard a bus which is involved in a collision with another vehicle or it may be that a bus driver loses control and crashes.

You may also suffer injury as a result of a bus accident where there is not even any collision. If you are a passenger onboard a bus and fall or are thrown from your seat as a result of the driver braking heavily, speeding, swerving the bus, or making any other type of dangerous manoeuvre then you may also be entitled to peruse a bus accident claim.

You could even pursue a bus accident claim if a bus has not been properly maintained and is in a dangerous condition and this causes your accident. A typical example would be where the floor covering on the bus is torn and lifted creating a tripping hazard which causes your accident.

It is not even necessary for you to be a passenger onboard a bus to pursue a bus accident claim. You may be driving your own car which is hit by a bus, or you may be a pedestrian hit by a negligent bus driver.

In any of these circumstances as you are an innocent party to a bus accident which is not your fault, if you sustain injury you should seek urgent legal advice.

What to do if you are involved in a Bus Accident?

Whilst it is always important to seek urgent independent legal advice if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a bus accident, there are a number of steps which you can take at the accident scene which will assist your solicitor in pursuing your bus accident claim.

Always try to obtain the as much of the following information as possible following a bus accident:-

  • Do not throw away your bus ticket – one of the largest difficulties that your solicitor may face following a bus accident is in proving that you were actually on board the bus;
  • The name and driver number of the bus driver;
  • The name of the bus service provider;
  • The bus route number;
  • The vehicle registration for the bus you were travelling on (unless it would be dangerous for you to step off the bus to note this down);
  • Full names, addresses and telephone numbers for any other passengers onboard the bus who may be a witness;
  • The name of the bus stop where you embarked and your intended destination;
  • The name and address of any other driver involved in the accident together with their vehicle details and registration.

You must also ensure that any bus accident is reported immediately to the bus driver who should note down your details and who may give you an incident reference number.

As soon as possible after your bus accident, once you have sought all necessary medical attention, you should seek legal advice on the possibility of pursuing a bus accident claim.

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