Accident victim awarded £2.75m compensation

A man was today awarded £2.75 million in compensation after he was left seriously brain damaged following a road accident.

Lee Templeman from Northampton and his friend Paul Inkin were standing beside the open door of their car when they were both hit by a passing vehicle. Mr Inkin died as a result of the accident which left Mr Templeman with terrible head injuries. The accident occurred in Welling, Kent in March 1995.

The driver of the car involved Gary Barker, was later found guilty of causing Mr Inkins death by dangerous driving.

Mr Templeman aged 37, is now left with severe brain damage and needs constant care and support. He cannot be left alone after the accident wrecked his life and this compensation will help provide the care he needs. It will also improve his life, giving him the freedom he needs to take part in activities he enjoys.

Mr Barker’s insurers agreed this week at the High Court in London to settle Mr Templemans claim for £2.75m after they accepted 85% liability for the accident.

Mr Justice McKinnon who approved the settlement heard in court how Mr Templeman had been a “happy-go-lucky and hard-working individual” before the accident. Lawyers on both sides are now structuring an investment fund designed to give Mr Templeman a life-long income.

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