Young woman has serious accident whilst on holiday in Majorca

A woman suffered head injuries after falling from hotel balcony

Danielle Banks, a 21-year-old woman from Spennymoor in County Durham, was rushed to hospital in Majorca this week after falling from a hotel balcony. After being separated from her friends on the first night of her stay in Magaluf, she allegedly attempted to climb into the hotel building – but the night ended with Danielle suffering serious head injuries.

She was rushed to hospital to receive emergency surgery, and was still under sedation following the accident over a week later. Friends back home have said that until she fully wakes up, the exact details of the holiday accident are a mystery. The injuries Danielle received suggested that she had fallen, “but no one really knows,” said Luke Richardson, a friend of the group who had remained at home in the UK.

He described Danielle as “a really bubbly girl, really well liked and really popular.” Police in Spain are presently investigating the claims that Danielle was with a Norwegian man on the night of the accident.

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