Workman receives compensation after falling in skip

A man, who sustained injuries due to an accident at work when he fell into a skip, has been awarded a significant amount of money for his personal injury compensation claim this month.

It was heard that the man, who remains unnamed and is 57 years of age, was working at LC Window Fashions when the accident at work occurred in August 2004.

The injured workman suffered a severe change in his personality as a result of the injuries he sustained in the accident at work, such as displaying instances of verbal aggression, poor memory, reduced concentration and low tolerance.

After the accident at work occurred, the injured man pursued a personal injury compensation claim against his employers. His employer’s insurers admitted liability for the injuries he sustained; however, the amount of compensation for injury was disputed.

During a recent court hearing, Justice Cranston stated that the former truck driver and factory operator was entitled to a full amount of compensation for loss of earnings up until the age of 65 years old and also the full costs he incurred for moving home and the cost of his care. Although the amount of compensation for injury has not been disclosed, it is said to be in the region of £1 million.

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