Woman wins compensation for trip accident at work

A woman who was injured in an accident at work which caused long term damage to her ankle has been successful in her personal injury compensation claim and has received £38,000 compensation from her employers.

The injured woman, who remains unnamed, sustained her injuries when a broken appliance caused some flooding in her place of work. An electrician had been called to repair the damage and all of the staff was made aware of the situation, with cones laid to ensure their safety.

However, the electrician had completed the repairs to the faulty appliance and removed the cones from the area. The woman then proceeded into the area after the electrician had finished, but the floor was still wet and she slipped and fell to the floor, causing her to injure her ankle.

The injured woman was unable to work for a long period of time after the accident at work and had to have medical treatment, including an operation, steroid injections, and physiotherapy.

After the woman was involved in this accident at work, she contacted solicitors and pursued a personal injury compensation claim. During court proceedings, her employers admitted liability for the injuries she sustained and she was awarded £38,000 in recognition of the injuries and the loss of her earnings.

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