Teenager awarded £3.15m after car accident

A teenage boy was today awarded over £3 million in compensation after he was left with severe brain damage following a car accident.

Nathan Moore aged 15 was knocked down by a speeding motorist in Cresswell Crescent on the Mossley Estate in Bloxwith. Nathan, aged just eight at the time of the accident, sued the insurance company of the driver. The award of £3.15m was approved by a High Court Judge in Birmingham.

Stuart Henderson, Mr Moore’s lawyer, stated that liability had been established on the grounds of excess speed. The man responsible was also convicted of driving without a licence. Mr Henderson said: “The compensation is substantial because Nathan’s needs are great and the money has already enabled a more suitable, adapted property to be purchased for him.”

Nathan’s long term educational needs, healthcare and support will now be met with the settlement of his compensatio n.

Mr Henderson also said: “This was another accident caused by speeding in a residential area where, had the driver been driving only a few miles an hour less and within the speed limit, the accident could have been avoided.”

Nathan now needs round the clock care as his day-to-day life is now too hard for him to cope with alone, as he struggles to get around unaided and has great difficulty in communicating with others. Nathan’s father, Martin Moore said: “His brothers provide some support for him, but we need a team of experts to work with Nathan on his therapeutic and educational needs. It’s a case of rebuilding your life, putting your family back together and a case of managing. At the end of the day, money does not come into it.”

The sum awarded is also designed to ensure Nathan will have a life-long income.

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