Scarred toddler wins compensation for fall

Top Scottish hotel is forced to pay compensation to a distraught family

An out-of-court settlement of over £2,000 was today awarded to the distressed parents of a three-year-old girl, after their daughter was left scarred by a dangerous fall in a four-star hotel. Mr and Mrs Nisbet sued Crieff Hydro, a hotel which prides itself on being Scotland’s most child-friendly, when their daughter fell whilst out walking with her parents in the hotel’s grounds last year, due to “organisational neglect,”.

The court heard that Sheonaidh tripped and fell onto a metal water surface cover which was sticking out from the ground, cutting open her chin and leaving lasting damage. The family claimed that there had been no sign to alert the public to this hazard, and that the hotel had not upheld its responsibility toward the safety and welfare of its residents. Sheonaidh’s father explained how he was “saddened by their lack of concern,”.

The little girl received emergency treatment in hospital, where a medical team later advised the distraught family that their daughter would be left scarred. It is hoped that the payout might be used by Sheonaidh if she makes the decision to have cosmetic surgery in future.

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