Plans for Middlesbrough Velodrome back on track.










(Artist’s impression of Middlesbrough Sport Village)

Plans for a £1million outdoor velodrome to be built in Middlesbrough are back on track after an initial objection from Sport England. Middlesbrough Council backed the plans last week, with Councillor Brenda Thompson declaring that the velodrome “will bring elite cyclists into Middlesbrough”.

The plans were initially rejected due to concerns about the loss of playing fields. The pitches had belonged to Middlesbrough Tertiary College, which has since merged with another college, and they have not been used for two years. The objections have since been withdrawn.

The velodrome will be built as part of a partnership between Middlesbrough Council and British Cycling. Tony Hodgson, Chair of British Cycling North East Region, said: “A new velodrome for aspiring track cyclists inspired by the exploits of our Olympians is tremendous news for the sport in the North East.”

“Track cycling is fast, fun and anyone of any age can take part.”

“The region has been without such a facility for too long, with all of our youth track development taking place far away, either in Manchester or Glasgow, at considerable cost to local people and demand on volunteer time.”

He promises a full programme of events to take place in the velodrome once it is completed and, in partnership with Middlesbrough Council, vows to support both new and existing riders in their use of the track for training and competitions.

The 250m Olympic length Velodrome is expected to be completed by spring 2015. It will be a central feature of Middlesbrough’s Sports Village, which will also include an athletics field, a 400m track with spectator seating, and a full size artificial football pitch.

Frank O’Connor, Solicitor and Director at Macks commented ‘It has been many years since the outdoor cycle track at Clairville Stadium was closed and this new state of the art facility is great news for local cyclists and local sport generally’.

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