Miniature train crashes, leaving five injured

Holidaymakers shocked as leisure park train derails

Five people were injured last week when a miniature train at a South Wales leisure park derailed, with three people requiring hospital treatment. Adults and children were rounding a bend on the miniature train when they heard a loud bang, and several carriages came off the tracks and fell onto their sides.

Shocked passengers were forced to scramble from the wreckage on Wednesday afternoon, with three people requiring hospital treatment for minor injuries. One passenger, whose five-year-old granddaughter suffered bruises in the crash, described how the engine driver and security guards came to the rescue. He saw one lady with a head injury, and another man who appeared to have been struck in the leg by a piece of the wreckage.

“There were about four carriages completely smashed,” he said. Though fortunately none of the injuries sustained were serious, Trago Leisure Park director Andrew Nunn stated that the cause of the crash would be fully investigated. “Nothing like this has ever happened before,” he said. A police spokesperson also explained that the issue would be taken up with local authorities and health and safety.

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