Man injured by air conditioning unit in accident at work

A work man who sustained serious injuries when he was involved in an accident at work has been awarded personal injury compensation last month.

Mr Lee Sharples, who is 31 years of age, was employed by a Salford based firm known as Rosser and Russell. The company provide numerous services such as design and installation.

It was heard that Mr Sharples was working with colleagues and required to lift an air conditioning unit when one of the harnesses attached to the unit gave way and then caused the unit to fall on him. Mr Sharples sustained a broken pelvis and three fractured vertebras in his back as a result of the impact of the air conditioning unit falling on him.

After the accident at work occurred, Mr Sharples took over a year to recover from the injuries he sustained and was advised by medical staff how they could not believe he did not suffer from more serious injuries. Mr Sharples has now been trained in an IT role as a result.

Mr Sharples has commented on the accident at work and said “Greater safety measures are needed to ensure accidents like this do not happen. I could have been killed and now because of the injuries I am unable to work in the same trade.”

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