Making a holiday claim

In order to make a successful claim for an injury on holiday or holiday illness it is necessary to prove that another person was responsible for the injury or illness. It is important therefore, that the holiday accident or holiday illness is reported to the tour operator’s representative as well as to the staff where you are staying and that it is duly noted in the accident book. If there are any witnesses you should take their names and addresses.

If possible you should take photographs of anything that may help your claim such as the place the holiday accident happened, faulty equipment and even the injuries suffered. Keep receipts of any expenses incurred as a result of the injury on holiday or holiday illness such as prescription receipts and travelling costs as you will be able to claim these back as special damages if your claim for compensation is successful.

Contact a specialist solicitor as soon as possible on your return as they, rather than the tour operator will give you impartial advice regarding your injury on holiday or holiday illness.

Macks Solicitors have experience with all personal injury matters and will advise you, based on the information you provide, if you have a valid claim for your injury on holiday or holiday illness compensation. Advice on personal injury matters is given without obligation.

If you would like advice on an accident on holiday or holiday illness, or any other personal injury matter call on Freephone 01642 252 828 or online using the Claim Form.

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