Lathe accident girl to claim compensation

A 14 year old girl who was seriously injured after being entangled with a lathe at her school is to claim compensation .

Nadine Craig was almost strangled when her scarf got tangled in a lathe and dragged her into it. She was taking part in a technical class at Galashiels Academy in Selkirkshire on 27 November 2007. Her classmates watched in horror as teachers tried to free her.

She suffered extensive injury to her neck which needed 40 stitches and will be left with significant scarring. She had to spend five days in St Johns Hospital in Livingston, West Lothian after being transferred there from Borders General Hospital. She also lost a chunk from her hand when trying to free herself.

Her father a coach driver Gavin Craig, 36, has confirmed that a civil action for compensation will be made on her behalf at Selkirk Sheriff Court. Mr Craig said: “It is an experience no-one should have to go through, never mind a 14 year old girl. She has 40 stitches and it burnt all the skin right off her neck. You don’t expect something like that to happen while they’re at school. She is going to be left with a scar but the surgeons did an excellent job.”

A final report into the accident is currently being awaited from the Health and Safety Executive. Scottish Borders Council declined to comment on the court move.

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