Is Britain suffering ‘Whiplash Epidemic’?

Whiplash victims have been singled out for unwarranted attention by the Association of British Insurers (ABI). The ABI are blaming whiplash claims for increases in the cost of insurance premiums calling them an ‘epidemic’ which has created ‘unacceptable costs’ for individuals, the state and businesses.

Stephen Hadrill, the director general, says that the numbers of claims for whiplash injuries in 2007 increased by more than a quarter over the figures for the preceding five year period. He said his members receive around 1,200 whiplash injury claims daily and that they represent 75% of all personal injury claims involving motor vehicles. He is calling upon the Government, medical and legal professionals, and road safety groups to help reduce what he calls “this problem” and wants to try and reduce whiplash , provide fast care and compensation and tackle fraudulent claims.

The AA too, maintains that the cost of whiplash claims is responsible for an increase in the cost of insurance. They claim this amounts to £66 for every UK policy and say that the insurance industry have been forced to pay out a total of £1.9 billion in personal injury compensation.

With traffic on the roads steadily increasing it should come as no surprise to insurers that the numbers of accidents and subsequently, the number of personal injury claims should also go up. Although whiplash symptoms can be mild and may last for only a few days, in some cases it causes the victim long term problems and the injury can even lead to permanent disability.

Nicholas Mack of Macks Solicitors said “Whiplash victims of no fault accidents should be able to seek justice for their suffering in exactly the same way as all other innocent victims of road traffic accidents without being made to feel guilty for doing so.”

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