Fisherman awarded £45,500 Compensation

Donald Bremner, a lobster fisherman has won £45,500 in compensation following a road accident.

Mr Bremner aged 42, was unable to return to work after the accident and has sued the driver of the other vehicle involved, in an action at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

Mr Bremner of Castletown, Caithness, suffered whiplash injuries in a collision with a car driven by Kevin Bartlett in November 2003.

Mr Bremner was travelling on the A9 Scrabster to Thurso road, in Caithness and had stopped at a junction at Burnside when the car driven by Mr Bartlett of Wick, Caithness, collided with the rear of his vehicle.

Although liability was not disputed by Mr Bartlett, there was an issue over the amount of damages to be paid. A part of Mr Bremner’s claim was for fishing equipment that was lost at sea in the aftermath of the accident. But lawyers acting for Mr Bartlett had argued that no fishing equipment had been lost or damaged in the accident itself, so it was not reasonable to expect to be compensated for them.

Lord Malcolm said the total award of £45,500 for Mr Bremner included damages for loss of working equipment, wage loss up to March 2006 and for Mr Bremner’s pain and suffering.

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