Brain and Head Injury Claims

Accidents resulting in brain injuries have a devastating impact on the victim and their families. We understand all the issues associated with brain and head injuries and our team are dedicated to providing support from start to finish. With years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of brain injury claims, our team of specialist solicitors have expert knowledge of the most complex legal issues associated with brain injuries. We’re committed to securing maximum compensation to support victims of brain injury and their families, both now and into the future.

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We understand that claiming compensation for the accident itself is not nearly enough. Our main priority is to secure the rehabilitation and care that’s needed, enabling the brain injured person to live as independently as possible and enjoy the best quality of life he or she can. We examine each case from every angle, assessing what will be needed both now and in the future. We’ll fight for the compensation necessary to cover both current and future needs.

Wherever possible we’ll secure interim compensation payments, to assist with providing the best medical and rehabilitation care. This includes provisions for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and any adaptations needed in the home, including any specific aids and appliances. Interim payments can also greatly assist in alleviating financial concerns and can help fund carers, relieving pressure on the families involved.

We’re passionate about providing a comprehensive service and dealing with all the implications of the brain injury. Our lawyers work closely with medical, care and rehabilitation experts to establish and fund a fully co-ordinated care package that enables our clients to make the best possible recovery. In cases of serious brain injury, the client may be unable to manage their financial affairs and our specialist lawyers are available to help deal with these difficulties. We also have Court of Protection specialists on hand who can help by acting as professional deputies or assist any appointed lay deputies. We can also assist with preparing statutory Wills.

In addition to compensation for the injuries sustained and day-to-day requirements, we also seek compensation for current and future loss of earnings. We can also advise on and help with applications for state disability benefits. At the conclusion of the claim, we seek the very best independent financial advice to preserve and enhance the compensation received and make sure the compensation lasts a lifetime.

Our lawyers understand that no two brain injuries are alike and that each person’s medical and rehabilitation needs will be different. We provide every client with solutions that are completely tailored to their individual needs and offer a one-to-one personal service, with home and hospital visits to make the process as stress-free as possible.

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