Children injured on School Trip

An investigation into the school trip on which children were injured and had to be rescued from the sea has found that staff were well prepared for such emergencies.

The primary school group from Stoke-on-Trent were on a school trip to celebrate their exam results when children were hurt climbing on rocks and others were rescued from the sea, for which some required hospital treatment.

Council staff said that staff at Grange primary had taken proper precautions, completing risk assessments and planning well, but it would need to review and improve its safety measures for the future.

In the report published following the investigation, it emerged the school had not informed the local authority it would be making the trip, or obtained consent from the children’s parents to go in the sea.

Parents were unhappy that the head teacher of the school hesitated to inform them until the group had returned to school, leading to some parents hearing about it first through the media.

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