Case Study: The Slipping Accident – Christine’s Accident

Christine was on a night out with friends in a local nightclub.  She was walking from the bar towards the dance floor when she slipped and fell, landing heavily on her wrist.

Christine was immediately aware that she had slipped as a result of liquid which was present upon the floor as her clothes were wet.  The accident was reported to the staff in the nightclub.  Christine then attended Accident & Emergency where she was advised that she had suffered a fracture of her wrist.
Macks – the slipping accident specialists

Christine contacted Macks.  A member of Macks personal injury team was able to tell Christine that the nightclub had acted negligently in several ways:-

  1. They failed to take any or any reasonable care to see that Christine would be reasonably safe in using the premises as a customer;
  2. They caused or permitted the floor to be or to become or to remain a danger and a trap;
  3. They failed to institute or enforce any or any adequate system for the inspection and cleaning of the floor;
  4. They failed to place any barrier around the wet area of floor.

Compensation for Christine was secured at £5,250.  Not only were Macks’ specialists able to secure compensation for Christine’s injuries but they were able to recover loss of earnings for her during the 6 week period she was absent from work.

Christine’s case is representative of nearly all of Macks personal injury claims in that it did not progress to Court.  Only a small number of the claims handled by Macks progress to Court with most Defendants settling cases prior to commencement of Court proceedings.

Making a slipping claim

Macks provide a quality, caring service for all personal injury victims.  To find out more about making a slipping claim, please telephone 01642 252 828.  Alternatively, you may wish to complete the 30-second claim form.

Please note that in the interests of preserving our clients’ privacy, we alter some factual details, including names. The report is, however, based on a real case.

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