Case Study: Macks secure compensation for whiplash, fracture and psychological harm

With Macks Solicitors’ expert advice, the Singh family from Birmingham succeeded in recovering compensation for losses sustained in a road traffic accident.

Mr and Mrs Singh were travelling by car with their two children when an oncoming vehicle crossed to the wrong side of the road. The oncoming vehicle made contact with the Singh family’s car.

As a result of the collision, all four of the Singh family suffered some form of whiplash injury. Mr Singh also suffered a fracture to her left hand and psychological injury.

Macks Solicitors – road traffic accident specialists

On behalf of all his family, Mr Singh contacted Macks. Hearing Mr Singh’s story, Macks’ specialists noted that the oncoming driver had acted negligently in several ways. First, he had been driving too quickly. Second, he had failed to keep adequate look out for other road users. Third, he had neglected to give sufficient warning of his approach. And fourth, he had failed to slow down, come to a halt or take evasive action to prevent his vehicle colliding with the Singhs’ car.

Given the facts of the accident, establishing liability was not difficult. Indeed, the oncoming driver had driven so badly that he faced a criminal prosecution, quite separate from the Singhs’ civil actions.

Compensation was received by all four members of the Singh family, with Mr Singh’s greater harm reflected in the more substantial sum that he was awarded. Giving particular consideration to his psychiatric injury, Mr Singh received £13,000. His wife and children received their own awards of compensation, each corresponding to the severity of injury they suffered.

As impressive a figure as Mr Singh’s compensation represents, Macks’ personal injury team realise that its service should extend beyond the retrieval of money. The firm’s philosophy in relation to their personal injury clients is to put them back on their feet both physically and financially. So whilst those specialists working on Mr Singh’s claim ensured that he received the maximum compensation, they also arranged counselling sessions for him.

Have you been involved in a road traffic accident?

Macks Solicitors pride themselves as providing a quality, caring service. The firm’s sensitive approach is particularly appropriate for those who have suffered psychological harm as a result of their accident.

Since the firm’s establishment over fifteen years ago, Macks have secured millions of pounds in compensation for clients pursuing car accident claims.

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Please note that in the interests of preserving our clients’ privacy, we alter some factual details, including names. The report is, however, based on a real case.

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