Case Study: Client receives over £4,000 following department store accident

Through Macks Solicitors, Tom from Barnsley was able to secure close to £4,000 for injuries sustained in a shop accident.

Browsing various aisles of a department store, Tom reached to pick up a shirt from a rack. Unfortunately for Tom, the rack was poorly assembled and gave way, striking his right forearm.

Tom’s harm was compounded by a large mannequin falling at the same time. As the model fell towards him, Tom reached out to cushion its impact. As a result of his instinctive action, he sustained a strain injury to his right shoulder.

As a result of his accident, Tom was forced to undergo an intensive course of physiotherapy.

Though the defendant initially contested the evidence supporting Tom’s claim, Macks’ expert personal injury team were able to secure a comprehensive compensation package. The sum which Tom received covered the cost of both past and future physiotherapy sessions. Further, the compensation took into account the pain and suffering that Tom had endured.

Giving context to Tom’s accident

According to government statistics gathered in the last decade, Tom’s accident is far from a freak occurrence. Collapsed shelving affects around 14,000 Brits every year.

Unsurprisingly, a large portion of those involved in shelving accidents suffer injuries much the same as Tom’s, with arm and upper limb damage featuring highly in all the years recorded.

Tom’s injuries may also be considered in the context of the activity he was engaging in at the time of his accident. In Britain, over 60,000 shopping accidents are reported annually, with many of these giving rise to compensation claims against the relevant negligent store, shop or supermarket.

Under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, shops owe a duty of care to their customers. Should a shop fall below the standard of care that one would expect the reasonable occupier to maintain, and this negligence causes a customer harm, this may to give rise to a claim under the 1957 Act.

Have you suffered as the result of a shop accident?

Those who have sustained injuries as the result of a shop or supermarket accident are advised that Macks have accrued an excellent reputation in pursuing claims of this type.

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Please note that in the interests of preserving our clients’ privacy, we alter some factual details, including names. The report is, however, based on a real case.

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