Case Study: Client receives £6,000 for slip and fall at work

Through Macks Solicitors, Ian from Portsmouth was able to secure compensation for a slip and trip he suffered at work.

Ian worked at a factory. On the day of Ian’s accident, water had accumulated on the floor of the room he was working in. Ian slipped on the water and suffered injuries to his back, elbow and groin. These injuries were sufficiently serious for medical experts to advise the use of steroid injections.

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Following his accident, Ian telephoned Macks. Considering Ian’s incident, Macks’ personal injury team felt that his employer was blameworthy for a number of reasons. The factory had allowed water to be spilt on the workplace floor, it had failed to ensure the water was mopped up and it had failed to institute a system of housekeeping through which the presence of water may have been identified and dealt with. Further, the factory had neglected to erect warning signs or alert its employees to the danger by word of mouth. And it had not fitted a non-slip surface.

All of the specific points noted above are covered by the general duty of care owed by employers to their employees. It has long been established that an employer has a duty to provide a safe workplace for its employees.

As the factory had fallen below the standard of care that one would expect from an employer, and this breach caused Ian’s harm, Macks’ personal injury team were able to recover £6,000 in compensation for Ian’s injuries and other consequential losses.

Have you suffered a slip and fall at work or elsewhere?

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Please note that in the interests of preserving our clients’ privacy, we alter some factual details, including names. The report is, however, based on a real case.

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